About us

What started as an idea and some sketches in 2022 has now become reality by the will and power of Almighty Allah.


The Akhi Way- Tareekal Akhi 

Meaning: The path/way of brotherhood. Inspiring unity amongst brothers through Islamic attire and Western apparel.


Why Islamic attire?

When wearing Islamic attire you represent Islam and are being identified as a Muslim no matter your country, your skin colour, your age or your level of Imaan. Wearing thobes should be part of our identities and it’s how we differentiate ourselves. We were frustrated with the thobe varieties being so limited and generic. We had to visit multiple stores in order to find a specific style which then became very time consuming and tedious. Searching through multiple websites was not any better as they would be overpriced. This is why we came up with the idea of having a wide variety of the best style thobes, shemaghs and other accessories at affordable prices all under one roof. A one stop shop for all your islamic attire needs.


Why Western apparel?

 As Muslims we are integrated into the countries and communities we live in and thus it has an effect of what we wear. There is nothing wrong with wearing western clothes however they should not have faces on them, not have offensive words and most importantly we should not be supporting brands who are Islamaphobic and sponsor wars against Muslims. This is where I bridge the gab between the two worlds. Growing up in East London, the urban fashion mainly consists of caps and tracksuits. We want to be the first brand that represents Muslims through these.


What makes us different?

Being situated in Kuwait the past two years has allowed us to visit all of the countries in the Arabian Gulf. This gave us the opportunity to integrate into the countries whose thobe styles we wear and understand the fashion style. Each thobe and fabric colour is chosen, tailored and produced in the style corresponding to the country.


Our promise

Our promise is to have you dressed in the finest Premium tailor made goods that are hand selected from the UAE, Oman, Morocco, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Japan to give you the optimal fashion experience!